Why it takes me a while to blog

It’s hard to focus in on blank canvases. There’s something about having a lot of options, being overwhelmed, and then disregarding everything for some Overwatch

Kind of the same reason why I don’t watch much Netflix anymore. There’s too many options for me to be content with just one. Then I just settle with another episode of The Office. But what happens after you finished your 3rd run of The Office? That’s right, you turn to 30 Rock. Ok, but what after that?

That’s where I’m at with this blog. I’m taking a break from Overwatch (I’m never gonna get past gold, I know that now) and I have this blog siting mostly untouched (I still log in and update things weekly)

I’m going to blog more and hopefully make more sense. I also want to keep these posts short, because honestly, who like to scroll through jargon.